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DC: Preview – Bay Area Derby Girls

The Bay Area Derby Girls All-Stars, the #1 seed entry into this tournament, have an unbeaten record this year. In fact, their game at Champs last year against Gotham is their only loss since July 2013. Given that their #2 WFTDA ranking puts only Gotham above them in the rankings, it seems logical that this year might see Bay Area as Gotham’s most likely competitor this season. But first they have to make it to Championships.

While their #1 seeing gives them the top-two break at the beginning of the tournament, Bay Area is not known for showing any signs of fatigue throughout tournaments as a team, so the bonus of not playing the first round might be immaterial. Expect their teamwork to shine this coming playoff – Bay Area has a knack for looking like interchangeable cogs in a machine, shown in everything from their wallwork to their numbers-only jerseys. 

Like Angel City, Bay Area Derby Girls has increased in bulk, both individually and as a team. Their blocking walls are notoriously strong and heavy, but their jammers also use their solidity to barrel through otherwise tough packs as though they were barely even there. Only the most powerful jammers tend to break Bay Area walls, making the star pass (this year’s answer to heavy walls) the perfect tool for dealing with them – anticipate them aplenty in teams that come up against Bay Area this weekend. But they will be ready, particularly after shutting a number of Denver star passes down at Rollercon. 

Another thing to anticipate is a roster similar to that of Rollercon, where even the chaos and hard-drinking-and-skating ethos of the convention didn’t dissuade Bay Area from convincing wins. The only loss is likely to be Bricktator, who has transferred out of San Francisco, but the return of Nock Knock alongisde Huck Sinn, Chantilly Mace and Lulu Lockjaw on the jamming rotation. 

Bay Area will take the track against the winner of Oklahoma vs. No Coast, in Game 5 at 6pm MDT on Friday. Watch live on WFTDA.tv. (5pm PDT /  7pm CDT / 8pm EDT / 1am BST / 10am AEST)

Bay Area
#0 Slaybia Majora // #000 Demanda Riot // #1 Liza Machete // #10 Huck Sinn // #1619 belle RIGHT hooks // #19 Steely Jan // #21 Lulu Lockjaw // #238 Baron von Punchausen // #26 Chantilly Mace // #32 Nock Nock // #36 Skatelyn // #45 Dolly Rocket // #48 Bricktator // #505 Shannon Ball Dorato // #52 Kid Ace // #6 Kristi Yamagotcha // #7 Murderyn Monroe // #888 Brawllen Angel (Captain) // #89 Mean Burrito // #9 Amanda Jamitinya


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