DC: Preview – Mad Rollin’ Dolls v SoCal Roller Derby

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DC: Preview – Mad Rollin’ Dolls v SoCal Roller Derby

Still named ‘Game #2′ of the tournament weekend, this is in fact the game that will start at 10am EDT today. And what a game it will prove to be, with two teams meeting that are filled with the stuff of derby legends.

SoCal is the latest founding of roller derby powerduo Trish the Dish and Ivanna S. Pankin’ of Rollercon acclaim. The team overall likes to play roller derby in similar ways to their founders: hard and fast. Expect big hits, plenty of chasing and a few hot heads if this season’s play is anything to go by. Trish is always a power blocker, and Ivanna tends to swap between jamming and pivoting. But double threat and former banked track skater, Summer Crush, will also be someone to look out for on the track. The team has recently lost veteran Tough Soles to the toughest derby injury – retirement – while Hostile Projectile has moved to Los Angeles and is working her way up the ranks in Angel City. The rest of the team are no slouches, either, so while they may be the least highly-rated team, based on seeding, The Kraken are a many-tentacled team to watch. They tend to approach new opponents with little fear and plenty of enthusiasm for play – the kind of attitude that takes many teams on to acclaim.

Mad Rollin’ Dolls are no stranger to WFTDA audiences, being one of the original members of the organisation. But their position at the 7th seeded spot, and at 29th in the WFTDA ranks, proves that nothing can be taken for granted. Their closest game of the calendar year was a narrow 20 point win against opponents Naptown, who also play this weekend, but enter nonetheless above them as the 5th seed. Whether much has changed for the Dairyland Dolls since their mid-April game remains to be seen across the weekend, but this first game of the tournament should phase them not one bit. If their team page is anything to go by, they’re “Up early every day, milking the cows, feeding the chickens, and skating on the track they laid down in the old, red barn out back, these Midwest farmer’s daughters know when to work, and how to play.” Keep a sharp eye on those Midwestern farmer’s daughters.

SoCal Roller Derby:

10 Sk8r-Kinney // 100 Kwyet Wryot // 11 L’eggs N. Bacon // 12 T-Bone Skate // 1415 MarySkate Rollson // 1417 Thrashley Rollson // 1810 Ortega Chile // 19 Summer Crush // 22 Ivanna S. Pankin // 2511 Marcy Slayground // 29 Irie Strider // 30 Dirty Verde // 36 Pippy Longstalker // 37 Awnry O’Hulligan // 619 Bo Toxic // 703 OB Noxious // 729 Trouble von D’Trak // 77 Kung POW Tina // 9 Buns of Fury // 99 Trish The Dish

Mad Rollin’ Dolls:

10  Sproutn’ A Tail  // 1213 Knocking Jay //15 Mack The Knife / / 18FT Allie Gator 22 Tango De Muerte //31 Ladie Who-Ha // 33 Charlie Hustle // 350 Susie Homewrecker // 366 Gene Lane // 4 Mouse // 48 Micromauler // 565 Glock Ness // 6 Wipeout Scout // 65 Blanche Devereauxxx // 847 Hello Sailor Captain // 987 Splatter Alice // 9MM Shananaguns /  D4 Magic Missile // L5 Brokeback Jac // P1MP Busta Crimes


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