DC: Preview – Jet City Rollergirls vs Columbia QuadSquad

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DC: Preview – Jet City Rollergirls vs Columbia QuadSquad

Despite being Game 1, this matchup will actually happen as the second game of the day at 12pm EDT due to some flight delays causing game switch ups. After getting pushed out of regional playoffs in 2012, the creation of Divisions got Jet City back into it last year with the inaugural D2 tournaments. It gave them the momentum they needed, by taking 1st place in Des Moines, and then taking it all at Championships when they beat Santa Cruz by one point in Milwaukee. Since then, they have been sitting above #40 in the rankings, and are likely to be hungry to get back into this upper level of tournament play.

They’ve been working towards the post season by playing up into Division 1, taking on teams like Jacksonville, Rat City, and Arch Rival, but the most recent and most convincing gauge of their coming performance is their narrow 11-point win over Houston in July. Since Houston placed 10th at the end of their playoffs tournament in Evansville, and lost by 80 points to the 9th placer, Jet City’s skies look grey for this tournament. They have, however, earned their way up to the #30 spot, after entering D2 playoffs last year at #52, which makes them all the wiser than they were even when they rolled into Champs play last year. Anticipate a strong and agile team not dissimilar from one you saw last year, core skaters (jammers and blockers alike) are similar, while they have a smattering of transfers who have yet to display their skills on this kind of stage.

While the Columbia QuadSquad have only had two WFTDA seasons as full members, they’ve been making up for lost time, including being able to boast having the WFTDA Featured Skater of the month of July in their ranks, Poison Violet. Currently ranked 37th in WFTDA, the team has been playing a wide variety of D1 and D2 teams, working their way up in the last year to sit firmly in D1 territory. Of those teams, one in particular might be interesting for this particular match-up – Jacksonville, the team that impressed everyone in the Evansville playoffs and produced the tournament’s MVP. Jacksonville met both Columbia and Jet City soon after one another in first May and then June of this year, and while Jacksonville bested each, the point differential was 79 points wider against Jet City. Whether that will be the telltale sign of things to come, or whether their seedings will prove themselves correct remains to be seen.


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