DC: Preview – Philly Roller Girls vs. Boston Derby Dames

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DC: Preview – Philly Roller Girls vs. Boston Derby Dames

This game is likely to be worth the viewing time as it is today’s battle of the old school WFTDA leagues. Philly, one of the original WFTDA members, meets Boston Derby Dames… also one of the original WFTDA members.

The teams might have some real history in sanctioned play, but Boston’s entry at #22 WFTDA-ranking and 6th seed entry into the tournament puts them on the back foot against Philly’s Liberty Belles’ #12 ranking and 3rd seed. In this season’s sanctioned play, Boston skimmed in with a 5 game season, l0sing every game. While Philly’s 8 games included as many game wins as Boston played this whole season so far.

Boston’s biggest loss this season was to second tournament seed, Victoria, with a -188 point differential. A game they’re probably both hoping to relive (given that a win in this game takes them potentially to a VRDL match-up again), and also never see the likes of that again. ‘Nuff said. Coach and head-game specialist Lil Paine is a player to watch, as is the blocking might of Shark Week.

Philly are old hats at this playoffs (and the old regionals) game. They’ve been to Champs, at best count, every year since it started (and was called ‘Nationals’). The sheer weight of this history has often seemed to carry them into the win, as either experience, or it simply never occurring to them that they might not go on to Champs, has often buoyed their spirits at times in games when other teams might have begun to feel gloomy. Their hold on ‘those dresses’ – their uniform often a point of debate about them as an emblem of a style of derby some feel is better left in roller derby’s history – may reflect the speed, big hits, star-focused jamming and 1-and-2-person blocks this team favors, which may or may not succeed in this bracket.

Expect to see the usual starring jammers, captain Teflon Donna and V-Diva in high rotation for heavy points grabs. The fact is that their #12 ranking and their 3rd seeding puts this team dangerously close to the margin for a seedings upset to push them out of contention for their trip to Champs this year – an unfamiliar spot for this team to be in. But before anyone tries to relegate this team to the history of roller derby, we think they’re caught right up to 2014 with their www.wearephilly.org tumblr of .gifs, team features and skater bios. Clearly this is not a team to be underestimated.

Boston Derby Dames:

101 Anna Wrecksya // 103F Hayley Contagious // 1111 Maya Mangleyou // 1634 Stevie Nixher // 1929 Amy Rock // 1978 Space Invader // 1987 Shark Week // 2997 Estrogeena Davis // 2L2Q MC SlamHer // 357 Vixen Ta Hitcha // 43 Ginger Kid // 451 Lil’ Paine // 4747 America Ferocious // 666 Dottie Danger // 8 Planitz Collide // 859 Shayna Nestor (C) // 88 HardCore // 99m Womanimal // B33P Artoo Detoonate // K1N6 Flyin’ King

 Philly Roller Girls:

06 Mishel Castro // 100 Antidote // 15 Kilmartin // 152 Herrmann Monster // 16 Brazillian Nut // 18 VanEssa “V-Diva” Sites // 1818 Anne Frankenstein // 247 Devoida Mercy // 305 Shenita Stretcher // 33 Legend of the Hit N Trample // 401 Tarantula // 44 Fully Addomatic // 527 Heavy Flo // 609 HotRod Hussy // 7 Clam Jammer // 80 Pop A Roach // 85 Teflon Donna (C) // 86 Whacks Poetic // 957 Ginger Vitis // 99 Russian Bayou


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