DC: Preview – Atlanta Rollergirls vs. Naptown Roller Girls

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DC: Preview – Atlanta Rollergirls vs. Naptown Roller Girls

The #4 / #5 seedings battle on the first day of play is often the most anticipated in each playoff, because of the sheer possibility of it being a strong signal for seedings upsets across the tournament’s play. Anticipate this being a closely matched and hard fought game, with little quarter given and every inch contested. While Atlanta’s not-insignificant rankings bonus above Naptown may well tell in the end, do not anticipate Naptown letting this game go easily.

Atlanta’s Dirty South Derby was a team on fire last year when they entered their playoffs in Richmond, as they battled up and created many a seedings upset. Whether it was related to the return of key player, Amelia Scareheart from two years with Paris Rollergirls, remains to be seen since she’s still there representing them, keeping up the side. Atlanta’s strong defense, coupled with some core jammers should keep them fully engaged in the game at all times.

Naptown is likely to need to look at their penalty issues, if their performance against Texas in Richmond last year is anything to go by. But they’re also likely to field some strong jammers, and be unlikely to let their shoulders slump in defeat at any point in the game. Naptown also has something to prove, coming from a 3 out of 4 game losing streak since the beginning of June, while Atlanta has lost 3 out of 5 games across the same period.

Anyone’s game? Stay tuned to find out.


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