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DC: Preview – Victorian Roller Derby League

The team with perhaps the most disputed name in derby of all time, the Victorian Roller Derby League, is your #2 seed into Charleston, WV. We’re here to forever set the record straight – it’s ‘Victoria’ for short, no final ‘n’ (and as a relatively recent transplant from that very league, I can assure you that is correct. No, no, really). But more about their game play…

This Victoria looks very different from the one you saw at playoffs last year, with a group of some of the league’s most experienced skaters, as well as their founding member and former bench coach, Jude Tsai, retiring for realsies this time (so far) at the end of season last year.

They’re a team drenched in enthusiasm (you’d want to be, being officially THE team to travel the most miles to get to WFTDA Playoffs this year, at 15,971 kms or 9,924 miles), and fresh excitement at the very real possibility (given their rankings spot) of making it to finals for the first time. That would make it the first time that a team from the southern hemisphere had taken a Championship spot – quite the achievement, and one VRDL is eager to take.

Most significantly for this weekend’s play, star jammer Mad Mel Arena will not be playing for the team, as she stages a comeback from an ACL tear earlier in the season while the team travelled across America. Anyone keeping track of them would have noticed her absence in play at the Pac Destruction tournament Angel City hosted the final season-ender weekend, which means she’s been in recovery since then. We’re fully expecting the solid return of her relentless pace and quick footwork in time for Champs, should this #2 seed play true to form, and secure themselves a spot.

As a team taking on some serious distances, they’ve played their entire 2014 year’s worth of sanctioned play so far in June, in an epic tour of duty, with only one loss, to Angel City Derby on their home turf of LA. This is a strong antipodean team, with at least two Team New Zealand draftees on their list, as well as proud Team Australia past and future being represented in full force. When you encounter them today, keep an eye on the blocking might and thoughtful play of well… all of the blocking rotation the team has. Newcomers to the squad are likely to stun, especially IvyKnivey, Christy Demons and Talibamma Slamma.

Victorian Roller Derby League:

010 Giles // 10 Bicepsual // 138 Swish Cariboom // 14 Christy Demons // 18 Miss Chivas // 19 Talibamma Slamma // 2 Smashin’ Pop // 24 Ruby Ribcrusher // 333K Tam-ba-lam SLAM // 35 Anna Conned Her // 4 Calamity Maim (C) //66 Screw Barrymore // 68 Vajazzler // 72 Chuck // 75 Dayna Might // 85 Bianca Sciarretta // 88 Tui Lyon // BR0 IvyKnivey // E105 Perky Nah Nah


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