DC: Victorian Roller Derby League Overturns Mad Rollin’ Dolls, 339-58

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DC: Victorian Roller Derby League Overturns Mad Rollin’ Dolls, 339-58

CHARLESTON, WV – This game was ever in Victoria’s strict control, with strong, tense defense, and heavy hits. The Australians clamped down on Madison’s game play, allowing them not one spare inch of room. The game was emphatically theirs, and they shouldered into the win, with a final score of 339-58.

The first jam began with Giles for Victoria taking on the jamming skills of Splatter Alice, and both packs split into front and rear defensive walls immediately. As is often the case, the front wall approach was the less successful on the initial pass, and Giles broke out to take first lead, but soon cancelled that out with a track cut penalty, handing Madison a powerjam first jam in. A Chuck / Maim / Tui rear wall closed at the this point to become impenetrable. And Splatter Alice was held on her initial pass.

After a single benighted attempt at passive offense from Madison, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls were held in points stasis at zero for long jam after another, as the Victorian defense clamped down and sealed off the rear of the pack, letting only their own jammer past to rack up points. Buy the 15 min mark, it was Victoria firmly in the lead at 106-0.

It was telling, therefore that the single lead that the first half endowed Madison with resulted in the first of their points – an unreplied 9 point rush from Ladie WhoHa.

The final jam into the half-time was a bonus round for Madison, as lead jammer Anna ConnedHer was boxed and Ladie WhoHa became the sole focus of the Victorian defensive line-up, with a full 2 minute jam spreading out ahead of her. And still the jam reaped 7-2 in Victoria’s favor. Half-time score of 212-14, to Victoria, was inevitable at this point.

The second half was just as much Victoria’s game as the first. For while they allowed a tiny score increment from Madison, it was clear that was all that would ever be permitted. All the while, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls gestured ineffectively at defensive play against the hard-countering and solid jammers of Victoria. Even when key Victorian blocker BiCeptual fouled out with 13 minutes remaining in the game, the team wasn’t about to be dispirited, maintaining their intractable hold on play.

Penalties, while not as high in this game as they were in many of the Salt Lake games, were still a solid factor. Especially Victoria’s brand of connected defensive play made them susceptible to multi-player and arm-based penalties. But given that brand of play’s effectiveness when their slightly-higher jammer penalties occurred, the antipodean team wasn’t about to relinquish hold.

The penultimate jam of the game ended as it had begun, with a Victorian lead jammer status call, as did the final jam, enabled by a Madison team time-out call at the 21second mark of game play. And Splatter Alice’s jamming right up behind Cristy Demons wasn’t about to dissuade her from counting out the remaining game seconds, and then running into the back of the pack for final moment points while calling the jam. Final score and the game went emphatically to the Australians, 339-58.

Victoria goes on to play Philly tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm EDT, and Madison continues into the consolation bracket, to play the winner of Jet City versus Boston in tomorrow’s first game, at the 4pm EDT slot.


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