DC: Mad Rollin’ Dolls Squeek By Boston Derby Dames, 176-175

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DC: Mad Rollin’ Dolls Squeek By Boston Derby Dames, 176-175

CHARLESTON, WV – The whole game between Madison’s Mad Rollin’ Dolls and the Boston Derby Dames was tightly matched with regular low-scoring jams punctuated by single-jam bursts of points coming thanks to jammer penalties. And while Boston claimed the first period of the game 97-69, Madison held lead jammer status consistently throughout the second allowing them to fight their way back. The Mad Rollin’ Dolls went on to claim the lead by the end of the third quarter, and despite a hefty challenge in the final two jams from Boston, Madison took the win by a single point, 176-175.

Boston’s Maya Mangleyou and Madison’s Magic missile lined up to start the game, and by the time the pack rounded the turn, it had split apart into front and rear walls. Missile received a cut track as the game’s first penalty, giving Mangleyou a powerjam and lead. 10-0 was the first score on the board, with Boston in the lead.

Madison added in 9 points in the following two jams, thanks to two lead calls. In the fourth jam, Space Invader took the lead for Boston, but lost it with a skating out of bounds penalty as her skates slid out under her. Madison’s Mouse took full advantage of the two-minute jam to grab 18 points (to Space Invader’s 13), giving Madison the lead at 27-23.

Although Magic Missile managed to grab lead and add nine more points, Boston took hold of lead jammer status for the next 7 jams, holding Madison unscoring during that run and building a 67-36 lead. Madison was able to chip away over the next 6 jams, holding the Massacre scoreless, while Missile tacked on two double-digit jams. Boston snuck in one final jam in the first half when Space Invader called the penultimate jam with barely over 30 seconds remaining in the period. Almost as soon as the whistle blew for that final jam, Madison’s Splatter Alice earned a cut track penalty, handing Boston a powerjam which Flyin’ King made full use of, adding 20 points. Half-time left the game at 97-69, in Boston’s hands.

Boston maintained their lead into the end of the third quarter, but then Ladie Who-Ha grabbed a lead for the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, as Lil Paine struggled on her initial pass with a tight front wall and the Boston blockers couldn’t overcome a 4:2 pack advantage to get her through or hold Who-Ha back. 

Boston took the first of their time-outs to regroup, but the jam following was another lead claim to Splatter Alice for Madison. And the resulting points from her big 15-0 jam quickly handed the Dolls a lead change in their favor with just under fifteen minutes remaining in the game, score suddenly 132-121 for the Mad Rollin’ Dolls. At this point it seemed like the momentum was shifting in Madison’s favor, as they held their 6-jam run of lead jammer claims, building a slim 140-121 lead.

The Boston Massacre would not go down without a fight, and heading into the final minutes of the game, Madison’s lead had dropped to 13 points at 164-151. In the second-to-last jam, Boston’s Lil’ Paine grabbed lead and added 7 to Who-Ha’s 4 for Madison, bringing the Mad Rollin’ Doll’s lead to a slim 10 points. In what would be the final jam, Mangleyou grabbed lead over Missile and managed to add 17 points to the Massacre’s tally. But Madison’s Missile was also able to score 8 for the Dolls, just enough to edge the Massacre. The final push for the Massacre proved to fall just short, as even a breathlessly cheering crowd couldn’t buoy Boston’s fortunes enough. A tense few minutes before the tight score was recounted and confirmed was ended by leaps and hollers from Madison as the one-point difference between the teams held: 176-175 in favor of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls.

Mad Rollin’ Dolls go on to play for 5th place, guaranteed a higher tournament rankings exit than they entered with (coming in as the 7th seed), against the winner of the Columbia vs. Naptown game at 2pm EDT tomorrow (Sunday). The Boston Derby Dames, who came in as the 6th seed will play the loser of the Columbia vs. Naptown game at noon EDT tomorrow, for the 7th place spot.


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