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DC: The Derby Pregnancy Announcement That Went Viral

On Wednesday at around lunchtime, Jacqueline Shu used her Facebook page to post a video that she and her editor-husband Ben had made for fun to announce their pregnancy to the rest of the world. Shu skates as Shunami Bomb for Angel City’s regional travel team, the Shore Shots, and so there was a waiting community of derby girls eager to hear and share the news. What the derby world often fondly calls ‘the nine month injury’ was news to almost everyone who knew Shu and her husband. And while the two had already had the chance to tell their family and her teammates, the video above was the hilarious way they’d decided to break the news to everyone else.

 They took all their most un-favorite Wes Anderson film tropes, and mashed them up to make a film as funny, deadpan and full of sly humor as the couple themselves.

Although, according to Shu “We originally wanted to do a horror movie, but we really couldn’t write up a script that didn’t seem like Ben was a horrible horrible human being. So really Wes was the easiest parody we could think of. Actually the ironic thing is, that because Ben went to film school and was overwhelmed with Wes’ work while there, he really isn’t a fan, which is how we came up with the title”.

And then they released it into the wilds with this classic cover image:


What they weren’t expecting was for the Huffington Post to take it and run with it.

And so they literally became an overnight sensation, with the views of the clip jumping from below 1000 in the afternoon to close on 40,000 the following morning, and now over 250,000 views at last count. Because of course locations like Uproxx.com and Bustle.com, and even a UK-based parenting website jumped in on the action.

But while this video itself has gone places, with many news outlets online making claims about their knowledge of the makers, Shu herself says “The weirdest thing about this, is that most of the negative comments are about how we are just fame, self centered, limelight grubbing parents to be, when in reality, not ONE person has contacted us for a comment about the video”. Not one until we did, that is. We got you an exclusive!

As you can tell, she read the comments.  Shu says “I’m really trying hard not to! But Ben thinks they’re hilarious. The best ones are when people just start hating on stuff that’s not even related to the video because they just need an outlet to spew their vomit all over”.

“…my favorite comments are things like “WELL! If they werent fishing to get famous they should have made the video PRIVATE!” People should understand that we made the video for friends and family, I mean c’mon we shot it on a tripod!”

But of course the first thing that derby people are asking is… how’s this going to work out for your skating? Shu got serious then. She told us “It’s such a terrible feeling standing on the sidelines not being able to practice with your sisters, or play a game. My OB had me take a medical at 8 weeks, I can still be on skates but cant make any contact (No fun!), but I am staying in shape as much as I can in this LA heat, and fully intend to get my ass back on skates ASAP! ACDG [Angel City Derby Girls] has been such a family to me, and even though I’m not skating, everyone on the league still makes me feel so loved, I blame their re-posts for making this video viral!”

Looks like it’s not just the derby community that loves their pregnancy announcement!


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