DC: 2014 WFTDA Champs – D1 Preview, Rose City

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DC: 2014 WFTDA Champs – D1 Preview, Rose City

The Rose City Rollers’ Wheels of Justice, up one spot in recent rankings to WFTDA #2, are a team to look forward to this coming Champs. They enter the tournament as the top team from Charleston, where they had three solid wins, including a decisive 236-96 victory over the formidable defense of Victoria in the final game.

After London knocked Rose out of even making Champs last year, their #1 seeding means that their first game will be on Saturday, making them already one step closer to the Hydra. Given the willful destruction their defensive lines and star jammers wrought on their Charleston opposition, whoever survives between Rocky Mountain and Windy City will have a tough day two in Nashville.

Rose City packs a punch, especially with the sheer quantity of national team players, as Team USA and Team New Zealand are heavily represented on the Wheels of Justice. In a massive transfer line-up reshuffle this last season, the team gained former Denver star blockers Shaina Serelson and Jes Rivas in a mid-season move, which occurred near the same time to transfers and Auckland league founders, Hannah Jennings and Elicia Nisbet-Smith. These power duos have their own very connected and intuitive play, as well as bringing their own brand of skills and communication to the team.

With a winning 2014 season, WOJ’s only loss out of 12 games was to Texas by 80 points at the Big O. They did however, win against three other top 12 teams: Angel City, Minnesota, and Philly. Angel was their closest win, by just 13 points, while they posted over 400 points in three of their sanctioned games this season. Their evolving, and tightly-knit defense is to blame for those high scores, which is normally led by Mercy or Serelson.

And of course, with the all too familiar Mutch and Scald Eagle heavily repping on the jammer line, and the playoff-tested Tess Yinger, the jamming should be fleet-footed and sure, with modest leaps and some excellent almost-track-step-offs narrowly averted.

If Rose wins their first game at 12pm CDT* Saturday, they go on to play the winner of B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls’ versus Philly or Denver. Bay Area just got removed from their #2 WFTDA ranking by Rose, so it would be an interesting match up to see whether the rankings prove to be true.

They don’t just kick ass on the track, though. These skaters also read.

Oh, and hey. Remember this video? It’s worth mentioning again. Because feelings.

Rose City Rollers

28 Elicia Nisbet-Smith //  100 Mercy Shammah (C) // 127 Jessica Chestnut (formerly Chest-NutZ) // 1719 Scylla Devourer // 17h The Blast Unicorn // 1889 Jessica Shipley (formerly Belle Starr) // 2 Megan Moffatt (formerly French Tickler) // 21 Kate Thomason (formerly Untamed Shrew) // 26 Sarah Gaither (formerly Nacho Lucky Day )// 307 Shaina Serelson // 365 Coperna Cuss // 4 Jes Rivas // 415 Hannah Jennings // 426 Ripley // 47 Penny Dreadful // 50 Scald Eagle // 503 Tess Yinger (formerly Roarshock Tess) // 523 Licker*N*Split // 77 Loren Mutch (formerly Mutch Mayhem) // 934 Jamie True (formerly JK Rolling)

*Don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 2nd at 2am, turning clocks back one hour.


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