DC: 2014 WFTDA Champs – D1 Preview, Angel City Derby Girls

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DC: 2014 WFTDA Champs – D1 Preview, Angel City Derby Girls

Angel City Derby Girls’ Hollywood Scarlets are a team that will be worth watching for their unexpected play. The team started last season strong and went from strength to strength through Salt Lake, with some wobbles in between. Essentially, there’s little predicting what their games into Nashville are likely to look like, and for that reason, they may well be the most fun in the bracket for the viewer. The team is likely to be banking on low expectations and solid training regimes to see them through – this is a team that enjoys being underestimated. They hit the track at 6pm CDT* Friday against a #5-ranked Texecutioners.

Angel City blew into Salt Lake City, and claimed the #2 seed entry position with a win against Rocky Mountain Rollergirls that they made look easy. They were a little less lucky against the then #2-ranked B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, with a 228-93 loss, but given also that their play this last year has included two other games against the same team with both a narrower (85pt) and much wider (219pt) losing differential, the future for this team at Champs is yet to be determined.

This weekend will be more familiar ground, after qualifying for Champs for the first time last year, has the potential to go in many directions for this team. While a solid series of wins in the first half of the last season took them through to playoffs well, especially with their added bulk from the team’s heavy lifting commitments, they have brought themselves as a whole into the tense and solid play we know to expect from top ten teams. Their losses this year also do them credit; after their win over Denver mid-April, their only losses (apart from Bay Area) have been incredibly tense, and down to the final jam against the current #2-ranked Rose City, and #7 Minnesota. And given their current #9 WFTDA ranking, that makes perfect sense.

Jammer Cris Dobbins, who sustained a serious wrist injury only two weeks prior to SLC, still played admirably, despite having had that interim time off practices to heal. She’s well and truly healed now, and raring to go, so we’re likely to see much more of her rostered, although not always in the jammer star – she’s distinguished herself in blocking roles in a series of games already in the season now.

Meeting Texas in their first game on Friday will be an epic of sorts, given that former Angel City jammer turned Texas blocker FiFi Nomenon will no doubt be playing that game. Keep an eye especially on her bemused and no-holds-barred rivalry with Angel City’s Rachel Rotten, who also happens to be her bestie – their smack talk started weeks ago, embedded in kale vs BBQ commentary. And if Angel City wins that game, they go on to meet current reigning #1, Goffum. And with no sanctioned losses for many many months, Gotham aren’t likely to let this team slide by, this despite the heavy-hitting shakes in the #BEES machinery that Sacramento may have given the shadow of a hint at.

Angel City Derby Girls

10 Duchess Von Damn // 101 Ima BlowBya // 1286 Booty Ninja // 1337 Micki (Mickispeedia) Krimmel // 16 Chica Go Lightning // 166 Jane Wilkins (C) // 3 Soledad // 308 Britches N’ Hose // 316 Cris Dobbins // 33 Laci Knight // 360 Krissy Krash // 507 Rachel Rotten // 5354 Chinese Cheker // 617 Ghetto Fabu-lez // 666 Raquel Davila // 94 Octane Jane // 95 Tyra Shanks //  B00M Stormy Heather //

*Don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 2nd at 2am, turning clocks back one hour.


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