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DC: Happy Mother’s Day

We were lucky enough to get a ‘behind the scenes’ from some of the people featured, and the film-maker behind the whole thing. You might recognise the name behind this video, because it’s the very same one that made the Vagine Regime documentary, In The Turn – Erica Tremblay.

Now in Boston, and skating with their charter team, she’s basically an insatiable maker of movies. And so, of course this short film comes to you from her creative imaginings. She shared with us that the idea was unexpected:

“It actually came to me in the shower! I wanted to make a project with my new league and I started thinking of the upcoming events.

Mother’s Day just popped in my head and I thought it would be a perfect way to showcase all of the amazing mom’s at BDD and give league members a chance to share stories about their moms”.

So of course the film was filled with a really broad range of moms and their kids, and the various different relationships that they have to roller derby, and their moms or as a mom.

Tatiana told us a little about her mom and what derby has meant to them:

“My relationship to derby is amazing.

I was introduced to derby at the age of eight with my mom playing and now I am 16 and am playing myself.

I remember sitting at my mother’s practice and observing her and just falling in love.

I can remember I would put on my skates (not knowing how to skate) and would bust my butt and get back up and push harder every time and now I’m actually on a team.

I can’t wait till my mom starts cheering my name”.

While Chicana, mother of Tatiana (16) and Venus (14), told us a little extra about what makes the family’s relationship to one another through derby extra special:

“I’m the mom but amazing things that didn’t make it in[to the film] were about my daughters.

My girls are typical teenagers who have very different personalities and normally do not get along and or say much to each other.

Roller Derby gives my 2 girls common ground. Gives them something to talk about and enjoy together”.

While, skater Kat’s Pajamas, Mother of Matt (3) and Malia (6), told us:

“I didn’t share too many stories about my kids, but they have been so supportive of me playing derby.

One of the memories I have was when I was just starting out. The kids and I were walking through the grocery store and I was thinking about derby. My body went into derby stance and I hip checked my daughter…in the head. I felt really bad about it, but she was a really good sport about it!”

She also passed on this incredibly useful suggestion for all leagues looking to support the parents who play:

“One thing that I know would be really helpful to parents/moms would to have an area designated for kids within the practice space.

I know a lot of moms who struggle to afford or find a consistent babysitter causing them to either miss practice or pick and choose which practices they can attend.

Having this dedicated space would allow them to bring their children and not have to worry about missing out.”

Belle Air Bomber, the coaching, skating mother of Tallulah (aka, Candy Crush, 9) and Texas (T Rexas, 17) and two more, told us that her involvement in the video was all about the kind of woman that she wants her own kids to see in the world:
“Because I feel passionately about roller derby and have experienced first hand how empowering it can be for a woman to participate in this sport.
I want to be a role model for my girls on how being female can mean so many things – including becoming a strong, independent, fierce and supportive team mate”.

Ultimately, the shoot came from a place best echoed by the words of skater Leela Strong, who said, when asked if she’d worried she wouldn’t know what to say when it came to the actual shoot:

“Actually no – my mom has been such an incredible influence in my life – I knew when given the moment all the things I wanted to say would come pouring out.”



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