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DC: Pac Destruction – Day 2

The London Rollergirls continued to dominate their Brawlifornication Tour on Day 2 of Pac Destruction, defeating the Angel City Hollywood Scarlets, 218-117. Penalties proved to be Angel City’s kryptonite once again, giving London a total of 8 power jams in comparison to 3 in ACDG’s favor.

The Texecutioners dominated from the start of both their games, kicking off their game against the Rocky Mountain 5280 Fight Club with a huge 29-point jam by Smarty Pants. Angel City gave Texas a tough fight in the second half, keeping them to a 191-127 victory, after the Texans bested a penalty heavy Rocky Mountain, 261-132.

Day 3 will start at 11am PDT, and feature three games that you can watch on WFTDA.tv.

#11 London vs #8 Angel City, 218-117

Angel City took their first and only lead of the game after a successful first jam. London responded and gained a small lead, which was quickly extended thanks to ACDG’s jammer penalties. Micki Krimmel fell into early penalty trouble, contributing to the 4 power jams within the first 10 minutes of the game.

5 minutes into the second half, London’s Stef Mainey was sent to the box on a back block, giving Angel City their first power jam of the game, but only after Mainey put up 20 points. Satan’s Little Helper enjoyed a power start that led to lead jammer status, but she ultimately went to the box, granting a power jam to London.

The pack play was slow and aggressive throughout the game. London and Angel City favored the same geometry on defense: a strong, rotating, bracing four-wall that swarmed both jammers, forcing them to push and roll through.

While both teams displayed similar defensive formations and strategies, their approach to offense differed. London was quick to pass the star if their jammer was caught in the pack after ACDG was awarded lead. Angel City was more reluctant to do so, allowing the jammer to continue, despite being trapped.

When offering offense for their jammer, Angel City relied on a one on one style of offense that effectively split and separated London’s blockers from each other. London mostly hung back and let their jammer push and juke around Angel City’s defense but also used coordinated sweeps to usher their jammer through.

Despite the loss, Angel City was the most successful of the California teams against London. ACDG outscored Bay Area and Santa Cruz combined against London, putting up 117 points.

#6 Texas vs #12 Rocky Mountain, 261-132

After a disappointing run at the Big O, where Texas lost all three games, the Texecutioners made a few adjustments to their jammer rotation that paid off. Against Rocky Mountain, Smarty Pants donned the star frequently and was effective despite being penalty heavy, and Freight Train was more integrated into the rotation this game than she was earlier in the season. Both changes contributed to Texas’ victory over Rocky Mountain.

Both teams kept the pack moving quickly, which proved advantageous for their respective jammers, allowing them to enter the pack with speed and momentum. Rocky Mountain favored a looser style of defense than the Texecutioners as they settled into a seemingly chaotic defensive formation that left more space than usual between blockers. Despite the gaps, Rocky Mountain’s capacity for lateral movement allowed the swirling wall to challenge Texas’ jammers. Texas found success in a bracing four-wall that mobbed Rocky Mountain’s jammer.

Texas switched from offense to defense more quickly than Rocky Mountain. In order to help their jammer break through the pack the Texecutioners often spared one blocker to play offense, while the other three stuck to the jammer. The strategy worked, as well-timed offense was offered just in time to clear a line for the jammer to pass through the wall untouched.

In total Rocky Mountain gave up 11 power jams and experienced high numbers of blocker penalties as well, which left them with only two blockers on the track multiple times. Rocky Mountain’s penalty troubles altered the landscape of the game, ultimately in Texas’ favor, 261-132.

#6 Texas vs #8 Angel City, 191-127

With a jam-packed weekend of derby highlights, it was only a matter of time before back-to-back games were going to happen for one of the teams. The first of these was the Texas team versus the home team, although as seasoned tournament athletes, this wasn’t going to be difficult for the two teams.

Both started out strong, visibly gauging each other’s play on the track, even after seeing one another play earlier in the day. Play was strong, defensive, and displayed the weight of accumulated skating history that the two teams have acquired over the years.

The rosters were a bit different than usual, while ACDG perennials Satan, Chica, and Ghetto were on the track jamming, a newly minted move-up from within the league, Darby Dagger, got jamming time as well. Micki Krimmel was notably absent from this particular roster. Darby was mostly frustrated by the seasoned Texas defense.

Freight Train was arguably the star jammer for Texas in this game, with her teammates cheering on her strength and drive during the mid-pack-push. Bloody Mary was a careful and determined jammer, and Jackie Daniels charmed with her easy skating and jamming style.

Texas, however, was a team in the lead, and the final part of the first period saw them relentlessly prove it, as they pressed up from a score in the high 70s through the final 10 mins of the first period, to wind up at half-time at 103-51.

Back from the break, the game went on to feature heavy, circulating braced walls from Texas, frequently from the back of the pack, while Angel City echoed them from the front. The classic Victorian and Rose style of defensive play was especially sweet to see in the face of visiting audience members, Scald Eagle and other Rose City league members, as well as the formerly Victorian Kristen Lee.

Angel City seemed to have learned something in their half-time debrief, as they carefully climbed the score to 77, holding Texas at 103, until about 8 mins in, when 5 points were added to TXRG’s score. But then the Texans firmly claimed their own, holding Angel City to a 76 point increment in the second period, despite their obviously keen attempts to push the game back their way.

The final call-off came with a cool 5 point blow-through from Satan, well ahead of Bloody Mary. But Texas and Bloody finished cool themselves, as their points on the board showed everyone they had no need to hurry with a 64-point victory.

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