DC: D2C – #6 Houston (#53) defeats #3 Columbia (#46), 210-163

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DC: D2C – #6 Houston (#53) defeats #3 Columbia (#46), 210-163

CLEVELAND, OH- A first period riddled with penalties saw scrappy and varied play as the 6th seeded Houston Roller Derby (#53) and #3 seed Columbia QuadSqaud (#46) scrambled to get the correct numbers and positions on the track with each jam start.  Game tactics included individual hits and duo-walls, spread out packs, and the jammer star stash repeatedly making appearances.

Final score took Houston into the next game with a clear win at 210-163.

Death By Chocolate (DBC) took a jam lead to add a slim three point jam off the first whistle and seemed like she might set the tone for the game, punctuated by an official time out that after the very first jam which delayed the start of the second. Repeat three-pointer for Houston in that second jam seemed like it might really take the team in that direction.

Houston persisted with their three-point inching, with DBC being a valuable addition to the scores. Big Bad Voodoo Dollie, a jammer for Houston, finished the game by making a 73 point contribution to the score. While the clear Columbian favorite, Posion Violet’s scored 75.

Bustin’ Beaver (Houston) hopped in the jammer rotation, taking their tally above Columbia to earn a lead change for the game, ending the jam 34-22, for Houston, just under 9 mins into the game.

The second quarter started with a Poison Violet taking on another lead change, like she set in the beginning, establishing herself firmly as Columbia’s most valuable jammer.  Score raised to 45-41, for Columbia.

Then, as Columbia continued to solidify their lead, Houston picked the final ten mins in the period to take the first of their team time-outs to regroup. The two teams continued into the half with conservative play, and tiny, tight points additions.

Big Bad Voodoo Dollie ushered in another lead change, 78-72, with 3:30 remaining. Brandi Brown took Houston then dominated the final minutes of play in the first half, to widen their lead to a hefty, 117-74.advantage of a powerjam as Joy Recc-her took a penalty. Columbia called an official review in apparent use of their one per period option, to leave themselves the remaining time-outs for the game, and made little pretense of it working otherwise.

Just over two mins back into play, Houston widened their lead to 131-74, and Columbia responded with a team time-out. But the points gently climbed for Houston, regardless.

It was about five minutes into play that Poison Violet seemed to make it her personal mission to change the direction of the game, regularly repeating her, by now, signature star stashing move to make large additions with each jam she took lead on.

And while there were some moments of relief for Houston, like the powerjam points from Big Bad Voodoo Dollie, and some repeat lead jam claims for the team, Columbia kept responding with occasional significant additions.

Nonetheless, Houston maintained their differential, and by the time Columbia took their final team time-out with 2:30 remaining in the game, a 191-159 point spread wasn’t going to be overturned. DBC took the ultimate jam lead for the game, and ticked the score up over the double century for Houston as she gently allowed the game clock to click down the final seconds and a powerjam into a final winning score for her team, 210-163.

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