DC: D1C – #5 Demolition City (#50) destroys #4 Treasure Valley (#49), 241-65

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DC: D1C – #5 Demolition City (#50) destroys #4 Treasure Valley (#49), 241-65

CLEVELAND,OH — The two teams might have seemed about as close as seeded teams can be on paper, but they didn’t play like it, with Demolition City holding play in tight control for jam after jam. And while they used every inch of track and time they could, Treasure Valley couldn’t return from the widening point gap. Demolition City eventually took the game by a firm 241-65.

The very first jam involved jammer penalties of the dosey-doe variety. By jam 3, Demolition City was 7 unreplied points up in the game, and then simply continued to dominate the game, continuing through to nearly the ten minute mark, and 45-0, before Treasure Valley took a team time-out.

But then the Treasure Valley jammer, Cruel La La! might have come out wanting the points too bad, because she didn’t get lead and left the track to Lickety-Splint to add to the score further for Demolition City.

In fact, it wasn’t until a powerjam and a star pass happened from Cruel La La! to Ana Highway to Hell at the 12 min mark into the game that Ana managed to add in points to reply to Demolitions’s domination, taking the score to 73-16 in one swift jam.

Demolition’s Flex-A-Belle took every moment of the final jam in the first half to take points, and finished at 158-20, leaving Treasure Valley with a half-time break in which to figure out how to find the lead jammer status they needed to keep adding points. Both sets of points additions in the first half came from their just two lead claims.

The first jam back, Treasure Valley took grasp of the game and lead jammer status with it, adding in a swift 5 points. But then it was early into the final game quarter, and just a tick over the double century mark for Demolition City’s score before Treasure Valley managed to add a further 9 points to take their score to 34.

Demolition City might have had cause to relent, but they played every inch of this game, mindful that every point can count in the climb towards D2 finals. The final points of the game were fairly well inched neck and neck, with Demolition still set ahead of the Valley girls. The penultimate jam took place with strong duo wall up front from Demolition City, as they held strong and controlled the game to the last.

But when you put into perspective the fact that Treasure Valley’s highest scoring jammer came out with a slim 19 points – the same number that Demolition City’s lowest scorer gathered – this is some measure of the game that took place. It was an interesting game, certainly, for anyone setting up brackets – and might have given cause for pause to just about anyone wondering what might happen in the next games.But it was with a mere 8 seconds remaining on the clock that Treasure Valley called their second team time-out, and prolonged the game for an extra jam, hoping to claim more points. But they were rewarded, instead, by a 241-65 spread, and a win for Demolition City.

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