DC: D2C – #10 Brandywine (#62) beats #9 OKVD (#58), 220-128

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DC: D2C – #10 Brandywine (#62) beats #9 OKVD (#58), 220-128

CLEVELAND, OH— Heavy holding walls in tandem with recycling worked in favor of both teams in this game, as Brandywine took firm hold of a first half lead over Oklahoma to really tear away and use their defensive holds and persistent jammer leads to full advantage in the second. Brandywine came away with the game in hand, 220-128.

Starting with enthused handshakes all round the jam line, the game took off to a promising start for Oklahoma when Fatal Inferno put up 5 unreplied points right up on front in the jam, being recycled repeatedly for much of the rest.

The following minutes were a gentle tick of additions on each side, with Oklahoma just behind Brandywine, closely testing their lead.

But after the Oklahoma blockers effectively surrounded and trapped Lethal Lamb, with intermittent recycles back into the rear of the pack, gifting Lurz Lemon with the chance to take lead and take on the jam as if it were a power jam. And so, with 17 minutes to go in the period, Oklahoma took the lead from Brandywine, finishing the jam at 70-51.

After a little more than five minutes of trying to claw back, Oklahoma took a team time-out, visibly trying to regroup and recoup the game. But instead, Brandywine went on to hold most of the lead jammer calls for the rest of the period, continuing to mount points until Raggedy Aneurysm cleared a final 10 unreplied points to take the game into the half-time, 126-81.

The return from the break, however, didn’t seem to have tipped play in underdogs Oklahoma’s favor, as they struggled to work out how to take their opponents more effectively than in the previous period, adding only half the points that Brandywine did in the same half, 47-94.

And while Polly Punching Pocket took lead jammer call from Brandywine’s four jam run of leads, into the final minutes of the game, swapping them for four in a row for Oklahoma, it wasn’t to pay off in more than a small handful of points: 9 in total.

The final game jam wasn’t about to go well, with just one blocker on the track for Oklahoma after a series of penalties left the team in shreds, handing Raggedy Aneurysm an easy lead grab, taking the game for Brandywine by a second half runaway, 220-128.

Brandywine will play for 5th against Jet City tomorrow at 2pm (EDT). Oklahoma will play for 7th against St. Chux at 12pm (EDT).

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