DC: D2D – #5 Wasatch (#51) pounds #7 Boulder County Bombers (#55), 207-182

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DC: D2D – #5 Wasatch (#51) pounds #7 Boulder County Bombers (#55), 207-182

DETROIT, MI — The second day of Division 2 Playoffs, right outside of Detroit, Mi, started off with a bang as #51 ranked Wasatch Roller Derby took on #55 Boulder County Bombers, and took the eventual win, 207-182.

The first game of the morning got off to a very exciting start, with fast-paced packs, solid walls, and a few lead changes.

The first jam of the game started off with tight packs, Boulder taking the back line, and Wasatch sitting right on them. Feist E. had some trouble getting through the pack, but after a couple seconds of fighting, Wreckless was called on a track cut, allowing Wasatch blockers to run back and play easy offense. With a sweep from Wasatch’s offense, Feist E. One made a run for it on the outside line, claiming lead jammer status. Feist E. managed to put ten points on the board, before encountering two Boulder County blockers, until Catastrophoebe gained a penalty, allowing one more scoring pass.

Boulder’s pack started the next jam sitting on the rarely used pivot line. Sookie had some trouble with Boulder’s defense up front, but fought through nonetheless, getting lead jammer status. Sookie ended up calling the jam right before Smashalotapus could make it back to the pack for Boulder, taking the score to 13-5, in favor of Wasatch.

The third jam continued the excitement of this close game, as Boulder County took the pivot line once again. Olay made it through quickly on the outside line, while Evol had some trouble with Wasatch’s defense. She found a hole on the outside, only to be sent to the penalty box before her first scoring pass. On her second scoring pass, Olay put up a fight at the final two Boulder County blockers, until blocker Catastrophoebe was sent to the box for a direction of play, giving Olay Chole a clear lane. Evol made it back into the game and to the pack, but Olay Chole was still able to make it through the pack a few more times, scoring an impressive 23 unreplied points total in the third jam.

This strong start for Wasatch switched at jam 5, when Smashalotapus claimed 13-0, and took the score to 35-28, for Boulder, a lead they held until the game was tied for a moment in jam 9 at 54-54 as three double scoring passes from Wasatch pushed them back up.

There were a few low packs, mostly on Boulder’s side, as penalties troubled the teams. One highlight moment in the first half was a pack so fast that it took the jammers four laps to even get close, but Boulder called it about four feet out with the Wasatch jammer right behind her.

By the half-time break, the score sat at 102-96, with Wasatch in the lead.

The second half began with a jam with packs lined up very close-knit on the line, with Sookie Slaphouse and Feist E. One lined up close on the jam line to jam. Sookie made lead jammer status, with Feist. E. One right behind her. Once again, a very fast pack kept the jammers at bay for a little longer than the usual back of pack hit. Feist E. went down, calling off the jam as Sookie Slaphouse sneaked by, getting one single point without lead.

With only four jams left in the game, Boulder County ended a four jam run of leads from Wasatch with three of their own. But at this stage of the game, the differential had spread so far that some impressive additions (20, 14, 8), weren’t about to switch the game in their favor.

By the time the final jam started to play, Wasatch took the game firmly in hand, as Sookie Slaphouse took lead and wound down the game in Wasatch’s favor with only one single unreplied point addition that confirmed that Wasatch would hold the game.

Despite Boulder County’s impressive teamwork, their penalties really did take a toll on their score, and 5th seeded Wasatch ended up coming out on top, 207-182.

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