DC: D1T – #7 Terminal City (#27) Terminates #10 Tri-City (#40), 328-90

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DC: D1T – #7 Terminal City (#27) Terminates #10 Tri-City (#40), 328-90

TUCSON, AZ – In the battle of the Canadians, Terminal City were ahead by seeding and ranking. They were also game leaders throughout, holding Tri-City to minimal point additions throughout the entirety of the game, save an impressive single 23-point jam in the final game quarter from Crazy Squirrel. Maiden Sane’s jamming skills really peaked in the second half as a flagging defensive line from each team left jammers to blow through pass after pass, adding points significantly in the final minutes of the game.

Ultimately, Terminal City’s stronger bracing and defensive lines, along with the combined forces of highest point scorers Maiden Sane at 171, followed distantly by Evada Peron with 72. They took TCRG’s points beyond any reclaiming for the Onatarians, and finished the game with a devastating win, 328-90.

The first couple of jams into the game were firmly in the control of Terminal City, as they added first 9-0, then 19-0, from top jammers Maiden Sane then Evada Peron. By the second jam, the score sat at 32-0, then Maiden Sane stepped back in and brought the score to 50-0, then inched to 54-0, with Tri-City still unable to reply with any points as the Terminal City defensive lines shut them emphatically down.

Finally, a 5 point reply from Honey Badger with a single pass and 11 minutes into the game was still not to equal the 9 point addition that Evada managed in that same jam. That took the score to 63-5, and then one 4 point addition gave Tri-City 90-9 by the end of the first quarter – when Terminal City chose to call the first of their team time-outs. This was an interesting decision on their part, risking the knowledge that Tri-City possibly was to benefit more from this break, given their propensity to discuss and learn in breaks. But it wasn’t to result in Tri-City returning with a grasp on game play.

Point inching continued from Tri-City with enough knowledge gained from earlier game play to make occasional grabs, but not enough to genuinely push back the game in their direction as it seemed like Terminal City might prove relentlessly immovable.

Ultimately, the unshakeable arm links most frequently at the front of the pack for Terminal City was to be their trademark for this game. It took a full minute and a half in the 18th jam to confirm a lead jammer, which seemed to make clear that that was likely to be a winning tactic.

By the half-time, with Terminal firmly in the lead at 133-29, it remained to be seen if Tri-City’s ability to learn from earlier game play, like they did in last year’s playoffs, was about to be a feature of their game today. Although, a 104 point lead would be an epically difficult differential to surmount, especially from a team that had only managed to add 29 points in the first half of the game.

When the game returned with a powerjam start for Crazy Squirrel while the Terminal City jammer was standing in the box, Tri-City put up 4 points and a convincing argument for a careful but persuasive return to play for the team. In the very next jam however, Maiden Sane returned 5-0 for Terminal, and the teams went on to trade unreplied points in the first few jams.

Tri-City started to struggle with penalties as Terminal visibly regained control of the game. But then a track cut penalty from Red Sonja gifted Tri-City a powerjam, which they took advantage of with a star pass to AnneX, who snuck in a brief 4 points even as Red Sonja came back through and took points herself.

Ultimately, it was the Tri-City defensive lines that struggled, with their more individualistic play finding it hard to contain jammers, and clearly starting to fatigue into the second game half. And so it continued with blockers beginning to seem scrappy and disconnected, while both teams jammers seemed not to tire.

The most valuable jammer of the game by far, Maiden Sane added a hefty 23-0 to tick Terminal City across the double century line for 201-54, as the third game quarter finished. Tri-City responded with the first of their team time-outs, but the team wasn’t to come back from the hefty knock that Maiden Sane handed them. Even after Crazy Squirrel repeated that unreplied 23-0 addition this time for Tri-City, while Ann O’War kept pushing and remained firmly trapped by Tri-City’s blockers, the game wasn’t to be theirs.

Another big jam by Maiden Sane, at 34 points, sealed the fate of the game, despite a last second 4 point grab by Tri-City. They then immediately responded with a team time-out, with the score now at 275-86 and just 2:30 remaining in play. Maiden Sane had more to give and emphatically reiterated their win with 39 points in the final jam, taking the game for Terminal City, 328-90.

Tri-City will enter the consolation bracket tomorrow at 12pm (MST but essentially PDT), and Terminal City will move on to play #2 Bay Area (#6) at 4pm today.

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