DC: D1T – #1 Victorian Roller Derby (#3) milks #9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls (#36), 404-33

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DC: D1T – #1 Victorian Roller Derby (#3) milks #9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls (#36), 404-33

TUCSON, AZ – Victoria took their second shot at cow tipping, and came up with cheese, as their encounter with the Dairyland Dolls wound up a crushing defeat for the Wisconsonites. And while viewers did an entirely justified double-take at the physical and skating style similarities between Victorian Tui Lyon and MRD’s Glock Ness, not one explosion occurred throughout play due to their doppleganger collision, instead Victoria held game lead firmly throughout, to finally take the win with an emphatic 404-33.

Christy Demons took first lead while VRDL quickly lost Biceptual and Bianca. But then Mack the Knife was boxed with a penalty, leaving Demons to clean up the track, emerging from that jam with a clean 30 unreplied points for Victoria.

Christy returned in the third jam to repeat her large addition, while Victoria forced and then foiled a star pass attempt through the sheer solidity of their defense.

Victoria continued through the half with hefty point additions, frequently unanswered, as their defensive walls held and circulated around Madison’s jammers, closing all entryways before they even emerged. By the end of the first quarter, Victoria had rounded the century mark, taking the score to 107-4.

But then an Official Review called by Madison halted the climb momentarily, as Victoria’s jammer was called for a cut track penalty and the point that the team gained for it was taken away from them, taking the score from 112-4 to 111-4.

Following that, IvyKnivey followed that review with an unreplied 20 point score addition, almost as if to prove that VRDL wasn’t to be dissuaded from their upward climb. In fact, the team rounded the double century with just over 2 minutes remaining in the first half, with MRD still held to only 10 points added throughout the half. Half-time score rested at 221-10, with Victoria firmly in what looked likely to be an insurmountable lead, adding a further 16 unreplied points in the final jam of the period.

The second period started with PorFavor grabbing lead as Mack The Knife, who had been penalty-heavy in their previous game that day, was boxed. And the rest of the half followed in similar fashion, so that by the time Victoria claimed the 300+ point mark, MRD jammer Mouse earned 4 more points for the Dolls in between.

The third quarter closed on an official review called by Victoria, requesting a track cut call on the Madison jammer, that mirrored the earlier Madison official review, except this time this one was turned down due to no positional advantage being gained.

At the 11 minute remaining mark, IvyKnivey was boxed, leaving Splatter Alice with a powerjam that didn’t last long enough for her to make it through the pack with more than three points – this time 10-3 was the jam total, Ivy barely slowed by that penalty.

By the time the 400 point mark rolled past, not-usual-jammer Tui Lyon had had the star passed to her, and wound up in the box with a forearm penalty, giving MRD an opportunity to score and then use their following powerjam start to finish up the game with 17 seconds remaining on the clock. Victoria used the first of their team time-outs to make the final jam happen, Tui returned and leapt through with an apex jump, trying to gain final second points. Istead she had her blow-through foiled by a rapid call-off from Madison, who inched in 4 points for themselves. Victoria took the win with an impressive victory, at 404-33.

Victoria goes on to play Saturday at 8pm (PDT), while Madison’s next game will be at 6pm (PDT) on Saturday.

Stay up to date on all this weekend’s scores and recaps at Tucson Central.



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