DC: D1T – #7 Terminal City Executes #6 Team United, 196-171

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DC: D1T – #7 Terminal City Executes #6 Team United, 196-171

TUCSON, AZ – Game 10 was a closely fought game with lead swapping and frequently speeding packs, as well as jammer penalty troubles haunting both teams, and Terminal City finally wound up with the win against Des Moines’ Team United, 196-171.

The first jam went 5-0 to Maiden Sane, as Terminal’s blockers shut down Lol0 Gunz from scoring. Then Team United’s Je Ne Sais Quoi determinedly put 22 points on the board for her team, while Kim Janna squeezed in 8, taking the new game lead to 22-13 for Team United by the end of jam 2.

Not long afterwards, a 14-point addition for Terminal City by Maiden Sane started to prove once again why she’d been such a valuable player for the team in their previous games across the tournament. Team United used a trick from Terminal’s bag, passing the star to steal 5 points, even as the Canadian team proved that they were far less wedded to the star pass than they had been in previous seasons.

When Evada was boxed, forced to watch Des Moines start to mount points into 15-0, she exploded out of the box with conviction written across her face, juking and pushing up through the pack, though still garnering no points with the effort.

Determined that Terminal wouldn’t overestimate their capacity to change the game, Team United added a quick 4-0 with lead status, then forcing a penalty in the next jam on Kim Janna to hand themselves a power jam.

Yet another penalty for Kim Janna caused Terminal City’s prospects to start looking grim, as they clearly needed to reel in their jammer penalties. Des Moines milked the power jam for yet another double digit addition, unanswered.

Then the tide started to turn for Terminal City after persistent point inching, when Team United’s penalties started to get a little out of hand, so that with just over one minute remaining in the period, a 22-1 jam to Evada Peron pushed the score to 98-97. And then a gentle 4-0 addition from Terminal in the final jam sent them further into the lead, entering the half at 102-97.

Maiden Sane took the first jam lead for the second period, 19-0, rapidly pushing Terminal City’s lead to 121-97. Terminal started taking ahold of United’s jammer with a rear three-wall and using their leftover blocker to attack for offense.

Then relentless point chipping from Team United while speeding up packs, started to work in their favor, with just over 7 minutes into the half, the score started once again to narrow, 121-117.

By the time that Maiden Sane and Lolo Gunz took the track in the 10th minute of returned play, the first scoring pass addition for Lolo after taking lead status. By the time she had finished scoring with a 14-0 pass, Team United was back on top. Then Terminal City grabbed a couple of swift hit-it-and-quit-it jams, and pushed the score into a draw at 136 points apiece.

A quick 4-0 addition gave Terminal a new lead, but it seemed clear that the next few jams could take the game in any direction when Team United grabbed lead jammer and started adding points themselves.

The next few minutes gave the two teams a chance to trade leads and points, with Terminal staying just ahead of United in the score throughout. A power jam gift when Scooter went to the box was Maiden Sane’s chance at that point to start to add in a huge 22 points that Scooter could only tap 4 onto in reply.

With two foul outs for Terminal in the meantime, Eve Hallows and Flower Plow’her, the carefully mounting score for Team United started to make every one feel the tension. As the difference narrowed to 12 apart, Maiden Sane pulled out the kind of double-digit scoring she was starting to become known for, 21-8, proving her value to the team, and pushing them back into a firmer lead, even as the period clock counted down to nothing. The final score 196-171, takes Terminal City into the Sunday 2pm (PDT) game for 5th place, and Team United into the 7th place battle at noon (PDT) the same day.

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