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DC: Tuscon in the rear view mirror

TUCSON, AZ – Location of the first of the D1 playoffs, and of many fresh memories for the DC team, here’s our weekend in the rear view mirror. (Literally. One of our editors made the drive from California).

The weekend started eventfully, from computer woes to missed flight connections, it was the standard travel mantra – everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Except it all worked out in the end, in one delightful loooong weekend.

But even though the DC team started on the back foot, we managed to get our jammers out on the line by the game start. (Let’s really flog that metaphor).

Tucson had treats in store for us – humidity and stormy weather in high desert, for one. But also the delightful sight of our Derby Central arena banner on fabulous display for all to see (thank you 319 Graphics and Bout Time Boutique!). I wish you’d all had the chance of seeing the intense delight that was the glittery hooded Derby Central onesie that Brooklyn Defiance had on, but never fear – you may yet catch a glimpse of it in future tournaments (stay tuned for Dallas and Champs!). We also premiered our new feed ad – thanks to the graphics magic of Keary Ortiz (aka DJ Agent Meow, and the maker of your boogie mixes).

Photo credit Agent Meow


Playoffs feed first encountered the incredible announcing of Hammy Abby, whose talents are familiar to us, and whose perspectives on the games were only dwarfed by this donut:

And her team, Mad Rollin’ Dolls, might have won the enthusiasm trophy for the tournament (if it existed), for their seeming inability to flag or cease playing against a seemingly unstoppable team Victoria. With full doppleganger effect in force on the track between MRD player Glock Ness and VRDL’s Tui Lyon, this incredible interview took place: One of our writers short-handed Baaaaaay Areeeeaaaa to ‘Bay’ erroneously while typing like the wind, and was appropriately corrected by the community in a manner that she’s visualized like this:

Photo credit Donalee Eiri, aka Photography By D.E.sign.

Which means, of course, that all of us here will now be visualizing our feelings about BAD this way:

Photo credit Donalee Eiri, aka Photography By D.E.sign.

Terminal City took amazing photos across the tournament, especially this one:

This is how we went into our final game at the WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Tucson: confident, energetic, and having fun together. Photo by the Man in the Bowler Hat.

Posted by Terminal City All-Starson Monday, September 7, 2015


Victoria were possibly the stars of the tournament, allowing no one to get away with a win against them, even with probable jetlag and impossible numbers of flier miles built up between the team. Highlight for yours truly was the amazing uniform mods of new player, Bone Shaker, which I understand entirely through Beyoncé .gifs, aka:


And, if you’ve made it this far, of course all congratulations to the MVP of the tournament, the impressive Christy Demons – so many game points (even against the usually impossible to pass Bay Area defense), and only one single penalty across the entire tournament!

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