DDC: D1D – #8 Crime City Rollers (#30) goes North of #9 Ohio Roller Girls (#34), 221-115.

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DDC: D1D – #8 Crime City Rollers (#30) goes North of #9 Ohio Roller Girls (#34), 221-115.

DALLAS, TX – The first game of the day was one that Crime City held from beginning to end, with more solid defensive lines then the somewhat fragmented Ohio, and jammers who tested every inch of track working to their favor, finishing the game at 221-115.

The Smacktivist and Ankefar took the line on the first jam, and Crime City had the first jammer out of the pack when the Ohio blockers had to return as she pushed their front defensive line right to the last yard. The Smacktivist was the one to earn lead however, but only after a last second toe-stop backwards teeter on the outside line, making it out of the pack too late to prevent Ankefar from collecting points, 4-0 to CCR after the first jam.

Crime City was first out of the pack once again, this time claiming lead with that exit. Curly Haar then caught Ohio’s defense off guard upon her return, gifting her the chance to add a first scoring pass and another and another, leaving Ohio with a star pass that didn’t return on points, and the jam at 18-0, for Crime City.

Ohio’s defense was occasionally slow to react through the first half, sometimes leaving lanes open briefly, and Crime City’s jammers were quick to capitalise on those moments.

By Jam 8, and a little over 7 minutes into play, The Smacktivist started what would become a new roll for Ohio, mounting points gently for the team and bringing them to the end of the quarter with a far less distant 55-32, game still in hand for Crime City.

Ankefar became responsible for a quick 4-0 point addition with 12 mins remaining in the period which spelled a few jammer additions for Crime City, right out from the first of Ohio’s team time-outs, when Ohio had obviously been hoping would work differently. A couple of jammer penalties in the following jam wouldn’t muddle their game lead, as Crime City held it into the half, 99-50.

Back into the game, Crime City put up an extra handful of quick points, setting the tone for the remainder of the period. Ultimately, the more segmented defensive style of Ohio was their key drawback, with Crime City’s jammers going for the push, and taking their own more braced defensive lines to use every inch of track.

The Smacktivist, Ohio’s most valuable point scorer, was personally responsible for pushing Ohio over the 100 point mark with 7 minutes remaining in the game. The points additions for Crime City were just too great, with the point spread pushing to 70 with the score at 178-108.

By the penultimate jam, a star passing Ohio got trapped by the Crime defensive walls on a powerjam, and wasn’t able to take advantage of that thirty second window. Then a returning Prince Sofia added just enough points on that jam to tip the Crime City Rollers into the double century. 

By the time The Smacktivist took the jammer star into the following jam, even a face-planting forward slip by Curly Haar couldn’t slow her, as Crime City claimed lead. CCR’s jammer then seemed to decide to genuinely commit to running the jam through every possible inch it had, coming in hot for her scoring runs, and spinning and absorbing defensive hits from Ohio. CCR’s bench seemed keen at that point to grab every last point, running the jam clock into the final 2 seconds and winding the game up with a huge apex leap and call off.

Crime City’s win took the game 221-115, giving them a second game today against #1 seed, Rose City. Ohio will fall to the consolation bracket and play tomorrow at 12pm CDT.

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