DC: D1D – #8 Crime City Cleans Up #5 Stockholm, 224-118.

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DC: D1D – #8 Crime City Cleans Up #5 Stockholm, 224-118.

DALLAS, TX – A penalty-plagued Swedish showdown saw both teams lose players to the box again and again, with Stockholm most compromised defensively by those penalties, including losing a player to a foul out by the half. Final score brought the game home for Crime City, 224-118.

First jam in, Stockholm’s Mad Maloony was able to take lead jammer status, but with Crime City’s Ankefar coming up close behind, Maloony was forced to call off the jam before either team could put up points. This left the first jam over at something of a rarity – a zero-all score.

In the next jam, Lil Slinky gifted a power jam to Crime, but was quickly followed into the box by Curly Håår on a track cut penalty. Håår managed to add in 14 unreplied points in that jam, however, leaving the game lead in Crime City’s hands with only 4 minutes of play elapsed. This was a lead they were not to lose.

After trading a series of leads and points additions, always just a little greater for Crime City, it became clear that penalties were to become the determining factor in this half, and indeed the rest of the game. While Stockholm only claimed a slim 5 jammer penalties over the 4 that Crime City had, it was their 31 penalties compared to 21 for Crime City in the first half that really compromised their scoring.

It should come as no surprise, then, that in the final minutes of the half, after each team called an official review, Stockholm’s CrackHer fouled out of the game. The half time closed with Crime City at 112, and 48 points for Stockholm.

Back from the break, it seemed like both teams had learned some penalty lessons, with Stockholm and Crime City gaining only 16 and 15 apiece in this half – still a high number, but far reduced from the earlier half.

But Crime City wasn’t to be dissuaded from pushing ahead with their established game lead, as from the second jam back in they claimed jam lead for all but one of the following eight jams, running up their score by nearly 80 points, while Stockholm was held to only 10 point additions in that same time period.

With three remaining game minutes, Stockholm requested an official review, likely to cool off their players more than anything else. But the returning jam brought in 0-0, gaining neither team any quarter.

By the time the final jam happened, a jam without lead due to an exchange of jammer penalties, and Crime City’s Curly Håår once again headed to the box as the final seconds counted down, and only 5-0 earned for Crime to add to their total. And with those penalties plaguing both teams throughout, it was apt that this game closed at the mark of 5,000 penalties called across both divisions’ playoffs thus far. The game closed on a final score of 224-118, to Crime City.


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