DC: D1J – #6 Detroit steels #10 Charlottesville, 193-160

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DC: D1J – #6 Detroit steels #10 Charlottesville, 193-160

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Seedings finally proved themselves in the game between Detroit and Charlottesville, but only by a small and deliberate margin. After finishing the half only 12 points up, Detroit pushed through the second half of the game, with a series of more substantial points grabs including an impressive 23-0 jam halfway through by Feta Sleeze to emerge the victor with a score of 193-160.

In the first jam of the game, Feta Sleeze put up a quick 4-0, after grabbing lead. And Detroit held both jam and game lead, leaving Charlottesville unscoring till the 4th jam when they took their first jam lead and a slim 2-0 before being forced to call off the jam.

In fact, Detroit held lead jammer position for all but two of the first twelve jams in the game, making it clear to their opponents that they were in charge of the game right from the get-go.

When a series of three jammer penalties put Detroit in the box in three consecutive jams, Charlottesville was finally able to capitalize on the powerjams they were gifted by this state of affairs, and make some unreplied double digit additions in jams 13 and 14. This turn of events took them from 52-26 to only a slim 8 points apart from Detroit by the end of jam 15 as the half rounded into its final third, with 8 minutes remaining.

From then onwards, however, both teams seemed to have learned, and jams continued to be short, with small points grabs and inching game scores became the name of the rest of the half. Charlottesville called a refused official review to get a penalty on a Detroit blocker, but with only a handful of seconds remaining in the half, the game rounded into the break with Detroit still leading, 72-60.

A zero point jam first thing back into the game, followed by inching points for Detroit and 0 additions for their opponents up to the 5th jam of the return gave everyone a sneaking suspicion that this half of the game was about to mimic the first.

But then a lead grab by Charlottesville jammer Machete gathered 13-0 for Charlottesville, followed rapidly by 5-0 and 9-0 additions that also corresponded to lead jammer calls for the team seemed like they may start to change the fate of the team. In fact, the score differential started to narrow at this point to a mere 2 points apart at 89-87, with Charlottesville seeming like the team might have a chance of clawing their way back into the running finally.

Unfortunately, only a couple of jams later, Feta Sleeze seemed personally determined to change the fate of her team, as she took full advantage of a penalty for opposing jammer, Machete, and used the resulting powerjam to grab scoring pass after pass, adding in 23-0 for Detroit.

It was that jam that finally sealed the fate of Charlottesville, because while they made the most of holes in Detroit blocking walls, and grabbed points of their own – sometimes in the double digits – they would never manage to recapture that slim 2 point differential let alone the game lead.

So by the time the final jam ended, running the full 2 minutes, again in Detroit’s favor, it was clear who was about to take the game, even if it wasn’t by the kind of margin that their seedings gap might have predicted. Detroit survived a close call against Charlottesville, with a win of 193-160.

This win puts Detroit in the 5th place game tomorrow at 2pm (EDT), against the winner of Tampa vs Steel City. While 10th seed Charlottesville will improve on their seeding when they play in the 7th place against the loser of that same game.

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