DC: D1O – #2 Angel City (#8) blasts #7 Helsinki, 434-58.

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DC: D1O – #2 Angel City (#8) blasts #7 Helsinki, 434-58.

OMAHA, NE – In a game that pitted the #8 WFTDA-ranked team, Angel City, against the #25 Helsinki, it was never going to have the tight finish that Helsinki had pulled off in their first game of the day against No Coast.

A tired Finnish team was repeatedly stymied by the sheer track strength of the City of Angels blockers in the end, and unable to match their might, they repeatedly let ACDG through holes and were unable to score match themselves. In the end, Angel City took an emphatic win over the Finns, 434-58.

The game started with tiny powerhouse jammer, Satan’s Little Helper, on the line next Maiju Rinne, who was the force that brought home the final jam win for Helsinki in their earlier game. Maiju fought through the pack and emerged first to take lead, while Satan was pushed to the outside, teetering to avoid a cut on a single skate, but then broke through and chased Rinne up the back of the pack so rapidly that she was forced to call it on 0-0.

The very next jam truly set the scene for the coming devastation though, Helsinki let Chica Go Lightning out of the pack quickly, and left her to score again and again. The Helsinki jammer, called on a cut track, wasn’t able to put up much opposition, and the jam ended 29-0, to Angel City.

In fact, the game was five jams deep before Helsinki was able to reply at all, adding a single point, and then only adding single pass increments on the following lead calls they got for the rest of the half. By half-time, the score had mounted to alpine proportions, with Angel City in the lead, 202-23.In many playoff tournaments, the second half of the game turns out to be an entirely different game to the first, as often teams encounter one another for the first time ever, or for that season, and take the break to learn and adapt. Helsinki proved to have done that in the final minutes of the game, as they grabbed points not associated with leads, including a penultimate jam 10-point grab when Angel City’s jammer was boxed – their only double digit jam score in the game. Unfortunately for their luck however, Darby Dagger still managed to return and grab 18 points in reply.

Ultimately those final lessons weren’t enough to make dents on the kind of lead that the Scarlets had established by that point. The final jam, prefaced with a time-out pause called by Helsinki, yielded no points for Helsinki’s Varpu Knuuttila, but instead another double-digit 15 points for ACDG, via Satan’s efforts. Satan spun through the pack with the final game clock seconds, and still kept going around the track, calling it just as another recycle on Helsinki’s jammer had made it clear they weren’t about to find any points on this jam. Angel City took the final win, 434-58.


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