2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #4 Angel City has no carbs against #19 Montréal, 217-116

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2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #4 Angel City has no carbs against #19 Montréal, 217-116

PORTLAND, OR – After a hotly contested first twenty or so minutes of play, starting with what seemed like a solid lead claim from Montréal and then riddled with tense game lead switches, Angel City clamped down on defense, resulting in a widening lead differential for ACDG into the half-time break.

The second period was defined by Angel City’s blocking game, as they only occasionally allowed Montréal jammers to score, even with lead status, and ACDG added crucial offensive assists to get their jammers out and scoring rapidly. The team sailed in with a clear 217-116 win.

Satan’s Little Helper took a quick lead call against Miracle Whips who raced up behind the pack, forcing a quick call-off, 4-0 with the lead for Angel City.

Falcon Punch, to engaged applause, took the next lead call for Montréal, adding 11-4, which put the team quickly in the lead. This wasn’t a good sign for Angel City, as the following jam – with lead claimed by The Honey Badger and 8-3 added -emphasized.

But then Satan was back out, and even with run-backs, claimed lead. She was quickly stymied by a last moment hip jump-back from the aptly named Surgical Strike, and the resulting time Satan spent in the box was enough to gift TerminateHer the chance to add in 10 to Satan’s 5 additions to the score.

After a hit by Jane Wilkins resulted in a collision with the side rail and blood on the track, play paused, and Montreal’s Lau-Rider spent some time in the medic’s chair, with the score at 48-42. By the time the game neared the end of the first quarter, Angel City had seized upon this moment to add points and take a slim lead. But then a quick reply in the next jam by Falcon Punch ended with 14-0, and Montreal was back in the lead once again.

The scoring continued neck-and-neck with just two or three or even a single point between the teams, and tense, engaged defensive packs throughout. Hobbs was Angel City’s regular offense at this point, breaking off for sweeping assists and clearing fractional spaces through the inside of the track. It took Micki Krimmel claiming and holding lead, along with a 10-0 addition to push Angel City firmly into the lead, 84-66, with 6:30 to go in the first period.

At that point, Angel City seemed to really begin to dig deep, and they continued their upward climb with clear-eyed determination, pushing up past the 100 point mark and widening the differential to 30 as the clock counted down to half-time. Micki Krimmel emerged from the box for a first scoring pass to take a further 4-0, taking Angel City into the half break with 108-74 and renewed focus written all over their faces.

Miracle Whips, who was repeatedly paired up jamming against Satan, took a track cut penalty right into the second half but was then followed seconds later into the box and bounced out by Satan who earned a forearms call but still emerged to gather 9-0 for her team. When Micki Krimmel added in 10-0 in the third jam into the half, it seemed like Angel City might be on an inexorable upward climb.

But then Miracle Whips, this time jamming against Ghetto Fabu-Lez, claimed lead jammer status and added in 8-0 for Montréal, their supporters in the arena visibly had their hopes lift, but ACDG immediately squashed that hope with a 15-0 jam in their favor.

By the time the final three minutes ticked in, and an accidental Soledad / Hunnie Brasco pile-up on top of Montréal jammer, Falcon Punch, Angel City had passed the 200 point mark while Montréal was only slightly ahead of the hundred point mark. A 14-0 final jam for Angel City solidified their win, handing them a final score of 217-116.

With this win, Angel City goes on to play Gotham tomorrow, Saturday, at noon to continue on towards the final game.

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