D1M: #9 Ohio ousts #7 No Coast, 227-188

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D1M: #9 Ohio ousts #7 No Coast, 227-188

MADISON, WI – After entering the tournament at 9th place, Ohio were absolutely resolute to exit at the same place by taking the win for this game. And the main force behind the team, The Smacktivist, took that drive to collect a massive 139 points for the team – of the 397 they added across the weekend’s three games – securing the team a solid win against rivals No Coast, 227-188.

The first jam started with The Smacktivist on the jam line next to Anna Maniac, for No Coast, and while that jam ended with a 1-1 point spread, after The Smacktivist was pummelled to the outside by Ripa, it wasn’t any kind of predictor of the kind of play to come.

After No Coast used the next jam to add 4-0, and take the first game lead, The Smacktivist returned to the track to drive home their command of the track with a big 14 point addition. The game would continue with Ohio monopolizing lead jammer claims and the only team to take multiple passes, while No Coast settled for tiny points grabs where they could find them.

Defensive formations tended towards the classic three-brace, but were often fast and loose, with repeated waterfalling back in front of jammers. Two big scoring runs, at 19 apiece, against jammer Lora Wayman by No Coast’s Slam and then Anna Maniac that drove up the score in the final minutes of the half. No Coast entered the halftime break with a breathless single point advantage over Ohio, the score sitting at 91-90.

Starting the second half on a power jam, with a 4:3 pack advantage, The Smacktivist grabbed lead jammer and a quick 5 unreplied points, pushing Ohio just barely back into the lead.

Some alternating points followed, but then No Coast forced a star pass by Ohio while Slam added 13-0, reclaiming the lead for No Coast, 108-101.

Several jams afterward, a two consecutive jams of double-digit additions from Slam and Maniac seemed like they might solidify No Coast’s lead. But as the time crossed the halfway point in the period, The Smacktivist went on a massive 25 point scoring run that turned the game so firmly in Ohio’s favor that No Coast would never be able to make an effective comeback.

The two teams continued to fight to the finish, with each team going for big points grabs, but Ohio played the numbers game, outreaching No Coast effectively again and again, and finally taking the win,  227-188.

Ohio walks out of this tournament with the same seed as they entered, in 9th position. While No Coast leaves dropping several spots at 10th place, from a #7 seed entrance to the weekend.

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