D1V: #2 Angel City wreaks vengence on #3 Rat City, 256-54

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D1V: #2 Angel City wreaks vengence on #3 Rat City, 256-54

VANCOUVER, BC – If anyone had any thoughts about yesterday’s highest score at any playoffs record-making performance being some kind of abberation in Angel City’s history of play, this game was to put that thought out of people’s minds. Although by no means as spectacular a game as the one they played against yesterday’s opponents, Sacred City, Angel City put up a solid shut down for literally half the game, using lead jammer calls to their full advantage. The final score reflected that, Angel City taking the win 256-54.

With a lead jammer status hold on the game right into the first five minutes, Angel City started the game as they clearly intended to continue – in control, and in the midst of a defensive shut-down.

Micki Kimmel’s notable edging helped her on the track, and adding points. But Rat City’s Luna Negra was just able to reply before she finished, putting up their first points on the board, 16-15.

Like yesterday’s game, it was a powerjam, after a penalty for Angel City’s Darby Dagger, that handed Rat City the opportunity to really add in scoring.

There was a play pause at this point for injury after a tangle hit Jax, who was jamming for Rat City. Scratcher In The Eye utilized their full range of lateral movement across the track, and Carmen Getsome added, making up the jamming core for Rat City from this point, with Luna Negra taking on crucial star moments.


Rat City’s blockers honed together, holding a tripod formation most times, with enough loose grip that they were able to dodge and brush off offensive plays with some ease. While Angel City’s solid trio and quad walls left no room for confusion for the opposing jammers.

After a solid 19-point jam from consistent top scorer, Satan’s Little Helper, Angel City surged into the lead, and maintained it from there. Angel City’s control and persistent jam lead paid off.

There was then a pause in play with an official time out after Luna Nnegra was escorted off the track after being seen to for a facial injury. Both teams were given warnings that similar hits would result invariably in penalties, with the score hovering at 100-31, with just a fraction over five minutes of play remaining in the half.

The first half came down ultimately to lead jammer claims, with Angel City clamping down on them so hard that their monopoly paid out in points, and the teams ended the half at 145-40.

Angel City came back from the break revivified, and determined to play this game to its maximum, clamping down so entirely on scoring from Rat City that the team remained scoreless through to the final eight minutes of play.

After a time out for Angel City, the return to the track saw Rat City take the chance to better engage – starting to add points once again. It wouldn’t be enough, however and Angel City took the win, 256-54, confirming their place for WFTDA Championships in November. Rat City goes on to play the third place game tomorrow at 4pm, for their chance at Champs play.

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