D1V: #2 Angel City outshines #7 Sacred City, 602-45

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D1V: #2 Angel City outshines #7 Sacred City, 602-45

VANCOUVER, BC – Angel City set up an epic clamp-down with their quickly reforming defensive walls, and strategic offensive bids, with it taking over 15 minutes before Sacred City’s The 4closer was able to put in one single jam 10-point addition on a powerjam start. Only one further tiny four-point addition that whole half for Sacred City saw Angel City’s climb almost unrelenting.

In the second half, Sacred City visibly realized that strong offensive plays were their only hope, and started sliding in small points grabs. But Angel City kept skyrocketing the score so that the game ended 602-45, reportedly the highest number of points ever scored by one team at a playoffs game.

After her resounding success as Sacred’s jammer in their game earlier in the day, The 4closer took the line next to arguably Angel City’s most successful jammer, Satan’s Little Helper. The eight unreplied points that Satan grabbed quickly seemed to instantly confirm the kind of game that Angel City was planning, taking the lead and running with it.

Former Victorian blocker Tui Lyon was the first to make a strong offensive play in the game, leaving Angel City’s braced trio to hold Sacred back, and handing Ghetto the chance to ricochet up points for the team, with a 20-0 addition. With huge point additions following—28 for Satan, and 21 for Ghetto on a powerjam—and a handful of smaller contributions from the rest of the jammer rotation, Angel City kept up the close-out, and added points. The game was theirs, and they continued the climb into the second game quarter without reply from Sacred City.

It was just a little over 15 minutes into the game before Satan was sent to the box near the end of a jam, resulting in a power start for Sacred and The 4closer. Sacred seized the opportunity to grab lead and two scoring passes; their first points on the board for the game.

With five minutes remaining in the period, a massive 37-point addition by Darby Dagger for Angel City pushed the team above the 200-point mark. The score just kept climbing till the final minute of the half, when Shock-N-Auburn handed the star to RoseVillain, and a perhaps unheeding Noodles didn’t see the other jammer emerge, or else decided to go for further points instead, taking points and missing the chance to call the jam before Sacred was able to squeeze in four points just before the end of the half. The teams entered the break with 266-14, to Angel City.

Upon returning, Angel City quickly ricocheted the score up above the 300 mark, but then a little over six minutes into the game, Darby Dagger was boxed for a back block, losing her jam lead and gifting The 4closer the opportunity to score. That jam ended 24-15, the biggest points addition yet for Sacred City.

The following jams saw Sacred City ramp up the offensive plays, and grab small handfuls of points with it, but nonetheless, by 13 minutes remaining in the game Angel City sat at 441 points to Sacred’s 41. And with only a further four points on the board for Sacred City the rest of the game, the final score came in at 602-45.

Tomorrow, Angel City goes on to play Rat City at 6pm PDT, while Sacred City plays the winner of Queen City v Naptown, tomorrow at 4pm PDT.

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