We Hear You, Roller Derby. And We Need Your Support.

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We Hear You, Roller Derby. And We Need Your Support.

Hello roller derby community!

Good morning, afternoon, evening… whatever time it is where you are right now, reading this.

It’s been great getting to know you. And we’ve loved you getting to know us. It seems the affection is mutual.

We asked you for your thoughts about our site, but in the process we got the exciting chance to know more about you. About what you see us being for the community, and what you want covered, the kinds of writing you want to read, and how you feel about roller derby more generally. We hear you.

And it seems like we have so many of the same thoughts, hopes and dreams. We suspected as much.

The survey was the culmination of a lot of things for us, as a team.

We’ve been taking stock, working out our upcoming priorities, re-organizing, and recommitting to working for and with you, as a community.

And you responded with warmth and generosity to our call out from many corners of the world. Our respondents came from Colombia, Argentina, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The third biggest area was Europe, second Canada, and the largest grouping from the good old US of A – that much was no great surprise to all of us, we’d hazard.

The majority of you seem to come to us as skaters, with an average of 4-6 years of skating in your history. Officials and fans were also a clear voice in the replies.

And the things you’re interested in overlap with our ambitions – like more articles, more frequently. And shorter time responses on recaps, previews and overall news and feature coverage.

You’re interested in a regularly updated international roller derby calendar with scores and stats easily accessible, including links to streamable content, both upcoming and archived.

You want us to cast a wider net – encompassing all games, even beyond the WFTDA top 60, and with a greater coverage of regions outside North America.

And so we’re committing to you, roller derby.

We’re getting ambitious, thanks to your affirmations, and the high expectations that meet ours so well.

This time of year is the peak of our workload. It’s when coverage and highlights and writing and editing and photography hits the highest demand with the fastest turn-around, and most travel requirements in the year, and it’s honestly kinda exhausting, everyone.

We’re running out of resources, roller derby. And we need your help.

Because we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve had zero sponsored content and ads for the last two years. So I guess what we’re saying is that so far we’ve literally been working with nothing.

Our editorial team has put in countless hours, and thousands of dollars of their own money to keep this site ticking over day to day, traveling to tournaments to get the invaluable live experience of games and play to give you all the details you crave in your coverage.

Right now, roller derby, we’re asking for your help.

If you are a person who lives in a region, or plays a kind of derby we don’t cover as much as you’d like, we want your words, your input – don’t worry if you’re new to it, we’ve got a talented team to help guide and support you!

If there’s a person or a team doing something interesting or remarkable, we want to hear about it from you – throw us some words about it, and you’ve found yourself a byline.

And if those things aren’t really your thing then we have one remaining huge and important ask of you, roller derby. Perhaps you might consider supporting us with your dollars. Even just a few would help us do better at the task we’ve taken on with this site, and to show our many contributors that we value them as much as we know you do.

Please support us, so we can support you. And become even more of a valuable resource for the sporting community we love: You. If you’re looking to just give a one time donation, feel free to do so through PayPal.

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