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Genevieve Danger* Berrick is interested in all aspects of roller derby.

Outside of roller derby, she writes, researches and presents at conferences and events about queer and feminist bodies, frequently in an academic setting. And she writes and researches across seas and locations.

Here, you’ll find her writing from magazines and print media, and online, as well as lectures, and presentations.

She is current Managing Editor, Features Editor, writer and founding Editorial Board member for Derby Central, an online reporting network for the roller derby community run by female and genderqueer skaters which they grew from conception to fruition in under a week during a crucial reporting period in tournament season mid-September 2014, to more than 40,000 hits by the final month of the same year. Her writing for the site has garnered tens of thousands of page views, and been extensively re-quoted in such publications as The Advocate.

She is the founder and site leader of Hollaback! LA, a local Los Angeles non-profit and part of a wider global community that works both online and in communities to harness the power of storysharing and community-building to create a world free of street harassment. There she runs the day-to-day operations, advises on harassment policy, runs workshops on street harassment for locations as diverse as high schools and art galleries, makes creative projects around storytelling from zines to music videos, all on less than a shoestring budget.

Genevieve Associate Produced on the documentary, In The Turn, about an incredible community of queer roller derby, the Vagine Regime.

She is an Advisory Board member for the non-profit Women SPEAK, a girls health and leadership program based in Los Angeles that empowers young women to cultivate positive body image, deconstruct gender media stereotypes, establish healthy relationships, and be leaders of change in their communities.  




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*yes, Danger is her middle name.  [Her current derby name is also Danger (ismymiddlename), for obvious reasons].