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“I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act.”
Janet Mock‪#‎RedefiningRealness‬


Hollaback! LA

Our story begins with multiple stories of harassment shared. It got us talking, it got us determined, and now we know… We want to Hollaback!

This Hollaback doesn’t come in the moment, it encourages ways of responding in harassment situations that makes the target feel safe. It also encourages bystanders to help to create safety. And the storysharing of this movement shows each person sharing that we have ‘got your back’, and creates a community, a movement.

Because LA is so reliant on cars, harassment on the streets and in public places can be intensified by feeling isolated. We’re hoping to change that balance, and make LA spaces safe for everyone. We believe in the power of story-telling. We believe in the power of bystanders.

Genevieve has been the organizing force behind the group for several years, as well as the face of it in reports and various conversations, including on public radio in the wake of tragedy, and producing viral video, throughout the years. She runs workshops for a range of ages, always with a storytelling and community building focus. They’ve happened in locations as diverse as art galleries, and the LA public school system (such as in this well-reported video put together by a group of young women of color working with her and non-profit Immediate Justice).

Last year, Hollaback! LA was represented by Genevieve on public radio, for two different appearances on Airtalk by Larry Mantle on KPCC, alongside an LA Metro spokesperson who has subsequently invited the group to advise on local public transport approaches to harassment. She was also quoted in the LA Times about the issue of harassment on public transport, and collaborated creatively with acclaimed artist Mirabelle Jones in her widely reported art work ‘To Skin A Catcaller’.

Get in touch with us, via:  LA@ihollaback.org

We welcome and encourage community collaborations, volunteers, and encourage you to Hollaback! in any way that feels safe.

– See more at: http://la.ihollaback.org/